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ArtMaestro – Now available in different languages

Thursday, March 24th, 2011


Bonjour tout le monde

hola mundo

hello world

ArtMaestro heralds the rebirth of the Renaissance. Would be a pity if not speaking the language got in the way.

Users have been writing in to get ArtMaestro in their native tongue . With ArtMaestro 1.1.1, and some good old hard work, we’re living up to everything you expect of us.

ArtMaestro France, Japan and Spain are now available thanks in large part to Sirjjan, Shin, Daiki, Marike &  those eager couch surfers (no particular order) .

Version 1.1.1 also kicks in with new algorithms and multiple tweaks, so your helper paint-app now runs faster, smarter and more radiant.

The new version of our app is available on itunes store. New creations will be posted on our flickr paint stream everyday.

Keeping it UnNatural.

Flickr Stream online: View paintings created on iphone using ArtMaestro

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

ArtMaestro's items

Our Flickr painting stream is up. Do check out our flickr page for new exciting paintings. We also encourage our app users to submit their creations.