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User Submitted Paintings!

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Some of our users mailed us back the paintings they created using ArtMaestro

Banyan Tree somewhere in North India

Taj Sillhouette

Busy Street in Old Delhi, India

Mughal Architecture


These images were created using ArtMaestro v1.0.0. We hope our users update to v1.1.0 and send us high resolution images.

Portraits created using ArtMaestro

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Few portraits that we created using ArtMaestro (iphone version).

This one is of my friend Varun Prakash. The painting style is expressionist.

Varun Prakash: Expressionist

The following painting is an example of Pointillism –

Sirjjan And Juno: Pointillist

Sirjjan and Juno: Pointillist

Another pointillist painting –

Krutika Lalwani: Another Pointillist creation

Another Expressionist example-


Few more results –

We will be posting more results soon. Keep checking this blog.